Important Things to make Note while selecting your Wedding Invitation

Now a day’s everyone in the modern era concentrates on the venue, decorations and the presentation for the wedding Planners , But the truth is first look of the wedding is showcased in your invitation card. So, for the best things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding invitation cards, We bring to you a short checklist to ensure a smooth tension free invitation process.

Do the Math

This is the first step to keep in mind while selecting your wedding invitation cards is to have in place is a list of guests to be invited. You have to check the size of the venue and definitely, the number of cards to be printed and Better to be prepared with extra cards, than flustered or embarrassed later, because there are always people missed out, last minute invites, people expecting separate invites within a family with a list of surprises is endless.

Make An Informed Choice

Make sure to see printer’s profile before choosing your order. Not only the design but it’s always important to visit the place or have him/her visit you and check out the styles, fonts, textures, colours and the thickness of paper using and the last thing to remind you  is to see a lot of samples to ensure have the correct vision of your designed card.

Plan the functions

Planning is the main thing so you have to keep in mind is to check if every person on your guest list will be invited to all of the functions. If not, choose some special removable inserts which you can customize depending on your re inviting for other functions.

Check, check, check!

Always insist on getting a proof of your card, this is pretty self-explanatory! It is always best to take a second (and third) look at everything before sending it to the printer, because there must be simple mistakes like spelling errors, miss out names, and small grammatical glitches so that you can save time and money by ensuring the card go head to the final stage.

Beware the Indian Standard Time

You might want to consider mentioning the timings on the cards must and should so that you can avoid latecomers and unwanted delays in your ceremonies. You might want to consider mentioning timings on the cards an hour prior to the actual event. You need to account for the time people take to reach and settle in, with latecomers causing unwanted delays in your ceremonies.

Be Practical

While wedding cards in this modern era comes first,so its time to pull out all of those informational details! Evaluating size and shape plus informational details is the key to make sure that things don’t end up looking too crowded. So always keep in mind how beautifully you plan to send them to your guests.

Get address stickers

When preparing the guest list, also start the task of collecting the address of all the guests. This is the huge task and takes a lot of time and effort, so plan for the best Utilize your printer’s service to print address stickers, as it is the easiest and most efficient way of preparing the guests. Make sure and ensure you plan enough time for this, as it can only be done once all the cards have arrived from the printer.

Pretty Favours To Accompany Your Card

While wedding favours as a concept might seem new, but it has always been around in the form of a box of sweets that are often handed out with cards, especially when the invitations are being hand delivered and make the wedding memorable and Plan your favours along with your cards to match the themes and make a pretty combination invite. But more than anything else ensure you give yourself enough time to plan and choose your invitation. It is, after all, an integral part of your wedding, something that should be enjoyed and remembered fondly!

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