Best Wedding Day Details That Matters To Make Your Day Unmemorable

Surely, there are a lot of finer details that put your wedding ceremony in a great way. Everyone is excited for their wedding with celebrity, classic, contemporary to make your dreams of. We highly ensure with the emotions to deal with big smiles and few fears of joy for celebrating their event. As a top of Wedding Planners in Hyderabad, our Expertise will handle every detail from the invitations to the planning and execution of the wedding as the best.

Most Wedding Details that Matters are

  1. Your Entry and Exit

your Wedding day is all about the day that makes memorable moments for a lifetime. Entries and exists plays a vital role in the day of the wedding where you can make the day wonderful. Always pick or agree your walk in the music with the DJ beforehand which sets the tone for the rest of ceremony. If you want to make an entry in a simple manner then you can go with simple instrumental that makes a party to upbeat with little funnier.

In the same way exists also plays vital role where no bride is expected to hug all the family members at the time of vidaai. You can also go through the western style where bride and groom walk out through entire rose petals.

  1. Stationery

Signage is the main key for any event that will be sure for your wow guests as they soon walk out after the welcome sign. you can simply choose the stationary as per your wish. The seating plan and personalized cards are also done in our wedding Planner Services in Hyderabad. you can even have your own ideas that may be even a cardboard cut-out of bride and groom.  You can select the best that suits your celebrations apart.

  1. Favours

Favours are mostly used to thank the guests who made your day splendid. The gifts that you give to the guests will be chosen in the proper manner. The Best Wedding Planners in Hyderabad also plan for the miniatures of fun games that make every moment memorable.

To play the game in safe mode then food games are the best. You can go for cupcakes, biscuits, chocolates or else macarons that surely hit a lot on the wedding day. To match the theme, you can even do personalize in the boxes, wrapping or else place stickers to make it fun.

  1. Guest Books

We at Ethniq Events- the Best Wedding Planners in Hyderabad arranges some wedding books where you can take away and enjoy for years. We are here to place a traditional type of book or else big board where guests can easily sign and make the day beautiful.

  1. Cake

Most of the people like to have a cake at the evening reception or else post-ceremony. It is good to have 4 to 5 tier cake that looks stunning and makes your day special. It is best to keep it simple and ensure to think something is to be appeal most.

so, to have more fun and memorable days at your Wedding, prefer Best Wedding Planners in Hyderabad that is Ethniq Events.

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